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Let your employees work at anywhere anytime by cell or any device to access all workplace docs & data with perfect sharing - safer and more secure!
Host 1 server on your network, instead of half million, we sell 1/10 price to make it affordable for any company, no IT person required, with our 10+ years experience,
We make your data safer & more secure to be accessed by cell or any device at anytime anywhere, 1 week free trial on www.all-in-one.ca 2 TB Server $68,797
Host 2 servers on your network to make your data absolutely safe and seure because 2nd data server is hidden and hacker doesn't know where your data located!
Unique tech, nowhere else you can buy same or similar system, let alone price, 1 week free trial on http://2servers.all-in-one.ca 2 Servers (2 TB) start cdn$189,799
Host 3 servers on your network, more doc mng and sharing features, unlimited TB storage, safer & more secure, order data alphabetically or order it in book sequence.
Unique tech, can't buy it anywhere else, free trial on OwniCloud.com docs ordered alphabetically or CloudiBook.com docs ordered in book sequence, start half million.
All-In-One Cloud Server is not best in class, it is the only best cloud system to do 4 in 1 - 1) mng docs, 2) perfect sharing, 3) buy/sell commercial ibook, 4) send email
CloudiBook.com is biggest & most difficult all-in-one & 4 in 1 cloud sys, it is best doc mng, best doc sharing, best ibook, & best email sys all together to take big market!
All existing cloud, doc, book, email sys are 1 in 1, cloud sys can't sell book, book and email sys can't manage and share docs etc., only us 4 in 1 - world unique & best!
Google search public data, can you search/manage/share private data like that? All-In-One.ca, OwniCloud.com, CloudiBook.com can, it is central hub to mng everything!
You saved is more than you spent, All-In-One server can save management cost to double your efficiency, employees can work anytime, anywhere, on any device!
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